Problems starting IBM Cognos Analytics

You can encounter problems when starting IBM® Cognos® Analytics.

You may encounter problems when you try to perform the following tasks:

  • Start the IBM Cognos Analytics service.
  • Open the Welcome page for the IBM Cognos Analytics portal for the first time.
  • Start an application server, such as WebSphere®.

The following table shows some common symptoms and their solutions.

Table 1. Symptoms and suggested solutions for starting IBM Cognos Analytics



You do not see the splash screen for the IBM Cognos Analytics portal when you start IBM Cognos Analytics.

Check your Web server configuration.

The service starts, but no tables are created in the content store database.

Check your content store configuration.

The service does not start.

Ensure that you wait a few moments before submitting a request.

The application server does not start.

Check the file permissions and directory names of the application server installation location.

To review an up-to-date list of environments that are supported by IBM Cognos Analytics products, including information on operating systems, patches, browsers, web servers, directory servers, database servers, and application servers, see the IBM Software Product Compatibility Reports page (