Known issues in 11.1.x

This section describes known issues found in IBM® Cognos® Analytics 11.1.x versions.

11.1.7 FP5

Slow performance during high usage periods
When a very high number of Cognos Analytics users (for example, more than 150 users) edit content and perform searches concurrently, response times may be slow. To work around this issue, select Manage > Configuration > System > Advanced Settings, type SearchService.enableThreadPools in the Key field, type false in the Value field, and then click Apply.
Cannot connect to Microsoft SQL Server with JDBC 10.2 when using Windows authentication
When configuring a connection to Microsoft SQL server that is using Windows authentication and SQL server JDBC driver 10.2, the connection fails. This problem exists for three Cognos Analytics databases:
  • the IPF audit database
  • the NC database
  • the Mobile database
Note: The connections work for all three databases when using SQL Server authentication. The connections fail only when they use Windows authentication.

11.1.7 FP4

Cannot send a report to more than one mobile user
When an administrator navigates to a report in the Team Content folder and selects the More icon More icon > Run as > Run in background > Send report to mobile device > Edit details > Directory, they can select and add a recipient. However, they cannot then navigate the directory again to select a second recipient. The workaround is to multi-select all recipients the first time that they navigate the directory.
Fixed in: 11.1.7 FP5