Members in the data tree

The data module tree shows the content of relational and dimensional sources. In both relational and dimensional sources, members are shown in the data tree.

To view the content of a dimensional source, expand the package that contains the source items. Dimensional members are the nodes of the Members folder.

Relational members are the nodes of columns in relational sources.

You can initiate the search for members from the data tree, from the context menu Context menu of hierarchies, levels, members, or columns. For more information, see Searching for members.

Relational sources

For relational sources, each unique value in a column is shown as a member in the data tree. These types of members are referred to as relational members.

In the following sample data module, the Region column contains the following members: Midwest, Northeast, South, and West.

Sample data module

The modeler can disable showing relational members for a particular column. For more information, see Displaying relational members.

Dimensional sources

Dimensional data is available through packages. Expand the package to view its content. The content can include dimensions, hierarchies, levels, members, and folders.

The following graphic shows an example of a dimensional data tree in a data module:

Dimensional data tree in a data module
The data tree includes the following items:
  1. Package

    Packages are subsets of Framework Manager models containing items that can be used to create data modules, data sets, reports, dashboards, and explorations. Packages can also be containers for dimensional sources, such as Planning Analytics cubes and PowerCubes.

  2. Measure dimension

    Measure dimensions are collections of facts. They are composed of only quantitative items.

  3. Dimension

    Dimensions are broad groupings of descriptive data about a major aspect of a business, such as products, dates, or markets.

  4. Hierarchy

    Hierarchies are groupings of specific data within a dimension.

  5. Members folder

    The Members folders contain the available members for a hierarchy or level.

  6. Member

    Members are unique items within a hierarchy. A member can be a container for other members.

  7. Level

    Levels are positions within the dimensional hierarchy that contain information at the same order of detail and have attributes in common. Multiple levels can exist within a level hierarchy, beginning with a root level.

The modeler can restrict the number of members that are loaded in the data tree when first expanding a node that contains members, and when clicking the Load more link. Setting the limit of members returned in one fetch is done at the data module level, for all member fetches. For more information, see Setting the members display limits.

Modelers can’t create joins between dimensional data items, and can’t view content in the grid.