FMMD_ModelUpdate utility

The Framework Manager FMMD_ModelUpdate utility changes the case of object names in the model to lowercase or uppercase.

The utility processes imported tables, views, stored procedures, and user-defined scalar functions in the model .xml files. It works with models that were created or updated in IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager 11.x or earlier versions.

The following screen capture from Framework Manager shows an example of the Physical database objects that are processed and updated by the FMMD_ModelUpdate utility. The External Name property is also updated.

Model names processed by the utility

You might need to use this utility when you migrate your model to a different database, and you encounter errors that are related to missing tables or columns when you run queries. The errors might be caused by the mismatched case of metadata in the different databases. The initial case of the metadata objects in the model depends on the database that was used to create the model. When the model is used with a different database that handles the metadata case differently, errors might occur.

For more information about vendors metadata, see the applicable SQL reference guide. Search for supported identifier names. Review how the vendors handle identifiers that are, or are not, enclosed between a delimiter, which is typically a single quotation mark (') or a backquote character (`).