Managing people

In IBM® Cognos® Analytics, you can manage user authentication and access to content and product features.

The administrator that configures your Cognos Analytics application does the initial security setup. This setup includes configuring authentication providers to take advantage of the existing security infrastructure in your organization. Each authentication provider that is configured for use with Cognos Analytics is referred to as a namespace or an external namespace.

In addition to namespaces that represent the external authentication providers, IBM Cognos Analytics has a built-in, internal namespace that is named Cognos. The Cognos namespace simplifies the process of managing access permissions and deploying content. Finally, if the Easy install option was used to install IBM Cognos Analytics, you can create users in the Cognos Users namespace.

Cognos Analytics can also be configured for anonymous access where users are not required to provide user ID and password to access the application. For information about enabling anonymous access, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide.

Important: Your environment might have a large number of users. As a best practice, the users should be grouped into folders, and each folder should contain a maximum of 1000 users.

The Users, Groups, and Roles administration capability is required to manage accounts. For more information, see User capabilities.