Managing cloud storage

Applies to version 11.1.5 and subsequent versions unless specifically overridden. You can configure Cognos Analytics to connect to a cloud storage service that is offered by a third party company. Cognos Analytics users can then save their reports to the cloud.

To manage cloud storage, you must be assigned the Manage connections secured function, which is associated with the Save to Cloud capability. For more information, see Save to Cloud.

Cloud storage at a glance eye icon

Cloud storage, also known as Cloud Object Storage (COS), is a technology that companies offer as a service to other companies or applications.

First, as the administrator, you create an instance of a storage service with a Cloud Object Storage provider.

Second, you configure a storage connection in Cognos Analytics that is integrated with the Cloud Object Storage service.

The integration of Cognos Analytics servers and a Cloud Object Storage server is shown in this diagram:

Cloud storage server and Cognos Analytics server architecture diagram