Reserved words

You must ensure that the names of data sources, tables, and columns do not use names reserved by IBM Cognos software.

If you must use a reserved word, enclose the word in quotes in the SQL specification. For example, select Orderdate, "Timezone".

The following words are reserved:

Range Reserved Words
A to C

abs, all, and, any, as, asc, at, avg, between, bigint, bit_length, boolean, both, by, call, case, cast, ceil, ceiling, char, char_length, character, character_length, coalesce, count, create, cross, cube, cume_dist, current, current_date, current_time, current_timestamp, cursor

D to M

date, day, dbkey, dec, decimal, declare, delete, dense_rank, desc, distinct, double, else, end, escape, except, exists, exp, extract, false, filename, filter, first, first_value, float, floor, following, for, from, full, group, grouping, hash, having, hour, in, inner, insert, int, integer, intersect, interval, into, is, join, last, last_value, leading, left, like, ln, local, localtime, localtimestamp, loop, lower, max, merge, min, minute, mod, month

N to Q

national, natural, nchar, no, not, ntile, null, nullif, nulls, numeric, nvarchar, octet_length, of, on, or, order, others, out, outer, over, partition, perc, percent_rank, percentile, percentile_cont, percentile_disc, position, power, preceding, precision, qualify

R to T

range, rank, ratio_to_report, ravg, rcount, rdiff, real, recursive, returning, right, rmax, rmin, rollup, row, row_number, rows, rsum, scroll, second, select, set, sets, smallint, snapshot, some, sqrt, stddev, stddev_pop, stddev_samp, substring, sum, table, tertile, then, time, timestamp, timezone_hour, timezone_minute, to, top, trailing, trim, true,

U to Z

unbounded, union, unknown, updatable, update, upper, user, using, values, var_pop, var_samp, varchar, variance, varying, when, where, window, with, within, without, xavg, xcount, xfirst, xlast, xmax, xmin, xmovingavg, xmovingsum, xntile, xperc, xrank, xratio, xstddev, xstddev_pop, xsum, xtertile, xvariance, xvariance_pop, year, zone

The following are also reserved words: _cursor, _local and _rowset.