License roles

To help you map capabilities to licensing requirements, Cognos Analytics also provides predefined roles that are based on license entitlements.

Note: Another type of role is a standard role. Standard roles have specific capabilities that allow users to perform different tasks. For more information, see Standard roles.

The following table lists the predefined license roles.

Table 1. Predefined Cognos license roles

License role


Analytics Administrator

Members have the same access permissions as Analytics Explorers. They can also access IBM Software Development Kit; and components in the Manage menu, including IBM Cognos Administration.

Analytics Explorer

Members have the same access permissions as Analytics Users. They can also access Exploration, Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, Cognos Framework Manager, Cognos Cube Designer and Dynamic Query Analyzer, Jupyter Notebook, and Transformer.

Analytics User

Members can create new reports, dashboards, explorations, stories, new jobs, data server/source connections, or data modules. They can execute reports, respond to prompts, and upload files. They can also access Cognos for Microsoft Office, Cognos Workspace, Cognos Event Studio, Cognos Query Studio, and Cognos Analysis Studio.

Analytics Viewer

Members can read public content. For example, they can subscribe to reports and view dashboards and stories. However, members cannot execute public content. Therefore, they cannot schedule reports.