CAM-CRP-1315 error when saving configuration

When you save your configuration, an error occurs when there has been a change to your environment's trust domain.

There are several instances when the Cryptographic Keys may need to be regenerated. Beginning with Cognos 10.2.2, the traditional method to regenerate the cryptographic keys is no longer valid and the below steps would need to be followed instead. The trust domain is managed by the certificate authority associated with the content store. The following error occurs if the content store you originally used was removed or if you modified your configuration to use a Content Manager associated with a different content store after you have saved your original configuration.

CAM-CRP-1315 Current configuration points to a different Trust Domain than originally configured.

To resolve the problem, change your configuration to use the original content store or regenerate the cryptographic keys using the following steps.


  1. On the computer that reports the error, stop the Cognos services and launch Cognos Configuration and click File > Export As.
  2. Remove the install_location/temp/cam/freshness file.
  3. Back up the existing cryptographic keys by saving the following directories to an alternate location that is secure:
    • install_location/configuration/csk
    • install_location/configuration/certs
  4. Delete the csk directory.
  5. Except for the jCAPublisherKeystore file, which must be retained, clear the certs directory.
  6. Repeat on all computers that report this error.
  7. In IBM® Cognos® Configuration, save the configuration and restart the services.