Tuning server performance

You should include performance tuning as a regular part of administering servers.

By tuning the configuration settings of dispatchers and services, you can optimize the speed and efficiency of IBM® Cognos® software. For users, optimal performance means that their reports run fast and without errors. For you, it means that IBM Cognos software is stable and that the users are happy.

Ideally, you want to tune the servers to meet the user demand at the peak usage times.

You may need to add dispatchers to your installation to meet the demands of users. Or, you may need to distribute your installation or upgrade the computer on which IBM Cognos software is installed. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide.

The level of logging Setting logging levels can affect performance. When IBM Cognos software logs more detail, more resources are allocated to logging and fewer resources are then available to run reports.

Before you change any settings, ensure that you tested the dispatchers, and reviewed the pertinent log messages Log messages. For more information on testing dispatchers, see Testing dispatchers. You should also understand your performance requirements.


Ensure that your models are optimized for reporting. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Framework Manager User Guide.

Operating systems

How IBM Cognos software performs is tightly related to the performance of the operating system of the computer where IBM Cognos software is installed. Therefore, ensure that your operating system is tuned.