Highlighting conditionally formatted data with color

Conditional formatting allows you to see the distribution of your data and highlight exceptional data points by using color in your table or crosstab visualizations. For example, you might want to highlight low sales numbers in red, or use green to highlight sales numbers over a certain threshold.


  1. Select a table or crosstab visualization and click the Fields tab Open Fields tab icon.
  2. Drag the measure that you want to highlight to the Color field.
  3. To edit the conditional formatting, click Edit conditional formatting color.

    Use the sliders at the bottom of the visualization.

    • You can add a handle to add another color category. You can display up to five color categories on your slider. To add a handle, click the canvas under the slider close to where you want the new handle to appear.
    • You can manually expand the range of values on the slider. Click the first or last handle End handle for slider icon on the slider and drag it outside the current range. The values on the slider will increase.
    • You can remove a handle Handle for slider icon from the slider. To do so, right-click the handle and click the Delete icon. Delete icon
  4. To use a different color palette, or to change the order of the colors on the palette, select the visualization and select the Properties icon.Properties icon
  5. Under Color, click Change conditional palette.
  6. Select a different color palette.