The following features are new in Cognos® Analytics 11.1.2, and they affect multiple product components.

Integration with Jupyter notebooks

The notebooks capability integrates Jupyter notebooks within IBM® Cognos Analytics. Using notebooks, users can execute Python scripts against Cognos Analytics data.

The users can:

  • Analyze data for actionable insights using Python and save notebooks as a Cognos Analytics asset that can be shared and scheduled.
  • Shape data and make new data assets available to Cognos Analytics users. These data assets can be used to build dashboards, reports, data modules, and other content.
  • Embed notebook output cells in the Cognos Analytics dashboards.

For a demonstration of how to use Cognos Analytics for Jupyter Notebook, watch this video:

Cognos Analytics Notebooks video on YouTube

Currently, the notebook capability is supported with on-premises installations of Cognos Analytics. An administrator must give users access to the Notebooks capability before they can perform any of the notebook activities.

For more information, see Notebooks.

Cognos Analytics includes a few notebook samples to help you get started. For more information, see Jupyter notebook samples.

Uploading files to a specific folder

You can initiate a file upload from a folder in Team content or My content. The files are saved to the folder from which you initiated the upload. This feature allows you to keep the uploaded files together with the reports, dashboards, or explorations that use them as a source.

For more information, see Uploading files.