Adding or removing members of a Cognos group or role

You can modify the membership of a Cognos® group or role by adding or removing members.

When you remove users, groups, or roles from a Cognos group or role, you do not delete them from the authentication provider or from IBM® Cognos software.

If you plan to modify groups or roles that reference entries from multiple namespaces, you must log on to each of those namespaces before you start your task. Otherwise, you will not have full administrative rights for the entries you want to modify.

To administer users, groups, and roles, you must have execute permissions for the Users, Groups, and Roles secured feature, and traverse permissions for the Administration secured function. For more information, see Capabilities.


  1. In IBM Cognos Administration, on the Security tab, click Users, Groups, and Roles.
  2. Click the Cognos namespace.
  3. In the Actions column, click the properties button for the group or role whose membership you want to modify.
  4. Click the Members tab.
  5. If you want to add members, click Add and choose how to select members:
    • To choose from listed entries, click the appropriate namespace, and then select the check boxes next to the users, groups, or roles.
    • To search for entries, click Search and in the Search string box, type the phrase you want to search for. For search options, click Edit. Find and click the entry you want.
    • To type the name of entries you want to add, click Type and type the names of groups, roles, or users using the following format, where a semicolon (;) separates each entry:


      Here is an example:


  6. Click the right-arrow button and when the entries you want appear in the Selected entries box, click OK.
    Tip: To remove entries from the Selected entries list, select them and click Remove. To select all entries in the list, select the check box for the list. To make the user entries visible, click Show users in the list.
  7. To remove members from a Cognos group or role, in the Set Properties page, specify which users, groups, or roles to remove, and click Remove.
  8. Click OK.