Using an uploaded file source

Uploaded files are data that is stored with the Upload files facility. You can use these files as sources for a data module.

Before you begin

Supported formats for uploaded files are Microsoft Excel (.xlsx and .xls) spreadsheets, and text files that contain either comma-separated, tab-separated, semi colon-separated, or pipe-separated values. Only the first sheet in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is uploaded. If you want to upload the data from multiple sheets in a spreadsheet, save the sheets as separate spreadsheets. Uploaded files are stored in a columnar format.

To upload a file, click Upload files on the navigation bar in the IBM® Cognos® Analytics home screen.


  1. When you select Uploaded files in the Sources slide-out panel, you are presented with a list of uploaded files to use as input. Check one or more uploaded files to use as sources.
  2. Click Start or Done in Selected sources to expand the data module into its component tables.
  3. Drag the source uploaded file into your data module to start modeling.