Creating a data module

Data modules are containers that describe data and rules for combining and shaping data to prepare it for analysis and visualization in Cognos® Analytics. Data modules are saved in Team content or My content.

When you create a new data module from the home screen of IBM® Cognos Analytics, you are presented with five possible input sources in Sources. These sources are described here.

Data modules
Data modules are source objects that contain data from data servers, uploaded files, or other data modules, and are saved in My content or Team content.
Data servers
Data servers are databases for which connections exist. For more information, see Managing IBM Cognos Analytics .
Uploaded files
Uploaded files are data that are stored with the Upload files facility.
Data sets
Data sets contain extracted data from a package or a data module, and are saved in My content or Team content.
Packages are created in IBM Cognos Framework Manager and contain dimensions, query subjects, and other data contained in Cognos Framework Manager projects. You can use packages as sources for a data module.

You can combine multiple sources into one data module. After you add a source, click Add sources (Add a data source.) in Selected sources to add another source. You can use a combination of data source types in a data module.

Each type of data source is described in the following topics.