Critical configuration actions to take first!

These configuration actions are critical to the success of your installation. Take these actions after you install the components.

Ensure that JDBC drivers are in the correct location

For the IBM® Cognos® Analytics 11.0.x release, the JDBC drivers must be copied to the install_location\drivers directory.

The use of install_location\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib for JDBC drivers is not supported.

Replace the JSQL driver for Microsoft SQL Server with the Microsoft JDBC driver

Starting with IBM Cognos Analytics version 11.0.5, the JSQL driver for Microsoft SQL Server has been replaced with the Microsoft JDBC driver. You must download and place the required JAR file in the install_location\drivers directory. For more information, see Set up for a Microsoft SQL Server content store.

Specify the Configuration Group property

If you used the Custom installation to install IBM Cognos Analytics, open IBM Cognos Configuration and set the Configuration Group property. For more information, see Managing the Configuration Group.

Enable or disable web-based modeling

By default, JDBC data source connections that were created in IBM Cognos Administration are not exposed in the Manage > Data servers administration interface for use in data modules. If you want to use your existing (upgraded) data source connections to create data modules, you must enable web-based modeling on those connections.

Some data sources are inappropriate to use as sources for creating data modules. In this case, you can prohibit the use of web-based modeling on the data source connections.

To enable or disable web-based modeling for your data source connections, perform the following steps:

  1. In IBM Cognos Analytics, go to Manage > Administration console.
  2. In IBM Cognos Administration, on the Configuration tab, select Data source connections.
  3. Locate the data source, and click its Set properties action.
  4. On the Connection tab, select or clear the Allow web-based modeling check box.