Install and configure server components

You can install all IBM® Cognos® Analytics components on one computer, on multiple servers for a distributed installation, or you can expand an existing single computer installation to another server to improve performance.
The following options are available when installing IBM Cognos Analytics from the installation wizard.
  • Use the Easy install option to help you get up and running with IBM Cognos Analytics in no time, without any additional configuration and without the need to install any supporting software.
    Important: Easy install is available for Windows OS only. If you are upgrading an Easy install (that is, installing over the top of an existing installation), shut down all services manually first, including Informix and ApacheDS services.
    With this install option, you get the following with all the configuration already in place:
    • A full version of IBM Cognos Analytics software with all the new capabilities.
    • Informix 12.10 installed and configured for use as content store database.
    • Apache Directory Server to create and manage users.
  • Use the Custom option for full flexibility to pick and choose the IBM Cognos Analytics components that you want to install. Maybe you want to customize or integrate IBM Cognos Analytics with third-party software? This is the option you would want to select.

If you plan to install two or more components on the same computer, install them in the same installation location to avoid conflicts among ports and other default settings.

When performing a custom install, the server components are collected into the following tiers:

You can install each component on a separate computer, or on the same computer. You must install the gateway on a computer that is also running a web server.

Stopping services sequence

If you need to stop services in a distributed environment, the sequence is important. Stop the IBM Cognos service for Application Tier Components first, followed by the standby Content Manager, and then the active Content Manager.

It is important to also stop the following:

  • Applications that are related to the IBM Cognos service, such as Framework Manager, Cognos Transformer, or IBM Cognos Administration.
  • Any Software Development Kit applications that are running.

Upgrading your installation

If you are upgrading from a previous release of IBM Cognos products, see Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of IBM Cognos Analytics, all the distributed components must be the same version of IBM Cognos Analytics. If you install IBM Cognos Analytics on additional or alternate hosts, you must update location-specific properties in IBM Cognos Configuration.

64-bit installations

The IBM Cognos Analytics gateway provides 32-bit libraries, whether you install on a 64-bit server or a 32-bit server. Some Web servers, such as Apache Web Server, cannot load a 32-bit compiled library in a 64-bit compiled server. In that situation, install the 32-bit version of the IBM Cognos gateway on a 32-bit Web server.

The report server component, included with the Application Tier Components, is provided in both 32- and 64-bit versions. Selecting which version you use is done using IBM Cognos Configuration after installation. By default, the report server component is set to use the 32-bit mode, even on a 64-bit computer. The 32-bit mode allows you to run all reports, whereas the 64-bit mode allows you to run only reports created for dynamic query mode.

If you are upgrading IBM Cognos Analytics in an environment that includes earlier versions of other IBM Cognos Analytics products, such as IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Controller Version 8.x, IBM Cognos Analytics Planning Version 8.x, or IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analysis for Microsoft Excel Version 8.x, install the new version of IBM Cognos Analytics in a separate location from the other IBM Cognos Analytics product and configure the new version of IBM Cognos Analytics to operate independently of that product. After you upgrade the other product to a compatible version with IBM Cognos Analytics, you can then configure the two products to operate together.

Windows installations

For Microsoft Windows operating system installations, ensure that you have administrator privileges for the Windows computer you are installing on. Also ensure that your computer has a TEMP system variable that points to the directory where you want to store temporary files. During installation, files from the disk are temporarily copied to this directory.

UNIX installations

For UNIX operating system installations, you can install server components using a graphical user interface or by running a silent installation. To run graphical-mode installation, the console attached to your UNIX computer must support a Java-based graphical user interface.

Also, IBM Cognos Analytics uses 755 permissions. This affects only the installation directories. It does not affect the file permissions within the directories.

Printer requirements

To ensure that reports print properly on Windows, Adobe Reader requires that you configure at least one printer on the operating system where Application Tier Components are installed. All reports, regardless of the print format that you choose, are sent as temporary PDF files to Adobe Reader for printing.


For uninstallation instructions, see Uninstalling IBM Cognos Analytics.