IBM Cognos Mobile administration

IBM® Cognos® Mobile extends the functionality of your existing IBM Cognos Analytics installation to mobile devices so that users can view and interact with the Cognos Analytics content on their tablets or smartphones.

With the Cognos Mobile rich client, users can view on their mobile devices the active reports from Cognos Analytics - Reporting and the workspaces from Cognos Workspace. The active reports must exist on the server as saved outputs, or be delivered to the mobile user. Active reports need to be run on the server, not on the client.

The Cognos Analytics prompt functionality and scheduling mechanism are used to deliver customized reports in a timely fashion. Cognos Analytics security and various, vendor-specific security mechanisms, including device-based and server-based security, are used to protect the report and workspace content.

Many of the device-specific management servers and administration tools that are used by Cognos Mobile offer the ability to remotely remove content from a device or to disable the device completely. For example, if a device is lost or stolen, the Cognos Analytics administrator can use this functionality to protect sensitive content on the device. The Cognos Analytics administrator can also set an expiry date for a report after which the report becomes inaccessible until the user re-authenticates.

Cognos Mobile supports requests between the mobile device and the server environment for the following product functions:

  • Search
  • Browse
  • Run

The Mobile tab in IBM Cognos Administration provides centralized administration capabilities for Cognos Mobile. To access this tab, the administrator must have the required access permissions for the Mobile Administration capability. Mobile Administrators, one of the predefined roles in the Cognos namespace, can be used to specify access permissions for this capability.

Cognos Mobile uses the same set of users as Cognos Analytics. For information about administering Cognos Analytics, see other sections in the IBM Cognos Analytics Administration and Security Guide.