Uploading data

If you want to do some quick analysis and visualizations with data files, you can upload them to IBM® Cognos® Analytics yourself and use them in dashboards and stories. Uploaded files are also used as sources for data modules.

You can upload simple data files of up to 100 MB from your local drive. Administrators can increase the file size limit, but must be aware of file upload size limits for browsers. The data must be in columnar form - no pivot tables or crosstabs.

Uploading files

Use the Upload files facility to upload the files. To upload a file, tap Upload files Upload files icon, tap the file, and then tap Open. After the file is loaded, you can select the columns that appear. You can also designate which columns are measures. You do this by tapping Tap the measure icon or the column label. Measures contain numerical data, such as sales figures or the number of items in inventory.

Updating uploaded files

Find the file in My content or Team content, tap file context menu Tap the more icon, and then tap Update file.

Using data from uploaded files in Reporting

You can use files that you upload in dashboards, stories, and data modules, but not in Reporting. To use the data in Reporting, the file that contains the data can be uploaded and incorporated into a data module. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Data Modeling Guide.