New installation process

The installation process for 11.0.13 has changed. It now uses the same installer as Cognos Analytics 11.1.

Before you begin

When upgrading an existing installation, remember to always take a content store database and a full content deployment backup, as well as a backup of the existing installation location.

The installation will be downloaded as a single file which will need to be extracted. After the file is extracted, there are three components to the installation:

  • a lightweight installer (.exe/.bin)
  • a server repository (.zip)
  • an executable batch file (.bat/.bin) that is used to start the installation process
  1. Download ca_srv-11.0.13-xxxxxxxx-<platform>.zip (Windows) or ca_srv-11.0.13-xxxxxxxx-<platform>.tar.gz (UNIX) from Fix Central (

  2. Extract the ca_srv-11.0.13-xxxxxxxx-<platform> archive.
  3. Run ca_srv_<platform>_11.0.13.xxxxxxxx.bat (Windows) or ca_srv_<platform>_11.0.13.xxxxxxxx.bin (UNIX).
  • If you are upgrading, you can use the new installer to install on top of your existing 11.0.x environment.
  • The process for a silent installation has not changed. Your existing response files will work with the new installer. To run a silent installation, follow these steps:
    1. Extract your downloaded file, as described above.
    2. Run the silent installation command for your platform:

      On Windows:

      ca_srv_<platform>_<build>.bat -1 silent -f "C:\ResponseFile\"

      On UNIX:

      ./ca_srv_<platform>_<build>.bin -i silent -f "./ResponseFile/"

Troubleshooting tips
  • If you encounter issues during the installation, check the newly created install_backup folder. It will contain information extracted from the preserve.txt file. After you successfully complete a second installation, copy the contents of the install_backup folder and paste it into the location of your successful installation.
  • Remember: Always create backups of the following:
    • content store
    • full content deployment
    • the install location
Summary of differences

The differences between the old installation process and the new installation process are shown in the following table:

Old installation process New installation process
The Samples and SDK are separate installations. The Samples and SDK are both included with the server installation.
You download the installer, and execute the .exe / .bin files directly. You download the installer, unzip, and execute the .bat / .bin file.
Gunzip could be used to extract the .gz file on all UNIX platforms. It may be necessary to run tar -zxvf to extract the .gz on UNIX due to the increased file size.
LCM is not an available install option on unsupported operating systems. LCM appears as an option, but is not selectable (it is greyed out) on unsupported operating systems.
Client installs (FM, DQA, Cube Modeler) have the expected set of dialogs during installation. Client installs have an additional dialog - a menu of components to install with all except one greyed out.
An Uninstall shortcut is available from the Windows Start menu. An Uninstall shortcut may not be available from the Start menu on Windows 2016 / 2019.
The uninstaller is located in the root of the installation location. The uninstaller now has its own directory.
Connect and install was an option during install Connect and install is no longer an option.
Files in the vers directory have platform-specific file names. Files in the vers directory may include win64 in their file names on non-win64 operating systems.