Dynamically naming worksheet tabs in Excel 2007 reports

In IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence, when the advanced property RSVP.EXCEL.PAGEGROUP_WSNAME_ITEMVALUE is set to true, the tabs in Excel 2007 output are dynamically named according to the page breaks that are specified.
Note: This property does not apply to Analysis Studio.

About this task

If page breaks are specified by product line, then the worksheet tabs have corresponding names. For example, pages that are broken with the product lines Camping Equipment, Mountaineering Equipment, Personal Accessories, Outdoor Protection, and Golf Equipment have tabs with the same names.

For more information on tab names when reports contain two page sets that use product line as the grouping item, or contain nested page sets, see the IBM Cognos Report Studio User Guide.


  1. Follow the steps in the topic Configuring advanced settings for specific services.
  2. On the Set advanced settings - ReportService page, in the Parameter column, type RSVP.EXCEL.PAGEGROUP_WSNAME_ITEMVALUE.
  3. In the Value column, type true.