Enabling Apple push notifications

The administrator must configure the Mobile service settings that are associated with Apple push notifications before users are able to receive push notifications.

About this task

The first time that a push-enabled application registers for push notifications, the users receive an alert asking them if they want to receive notifications. After responding to this alert, the users do not see the alert again unless their device is restored or the application was uninstalled for at least a day. Later, a text alert notifies the iOS device user every time a new report is available and the application icon is updated with the number of new reports. The user can open the application from the notification.

The IBM® Cognos® Mobile native iOS app can receive push notifications from multiple Cognos BI servers. If users no longer want notifications to be displayed, they must turn off notification settings for the application in iOS settings.


  1. In IBM Cognos Administration, click the Mobile tab.
  2. Click Server Configuration.
  3. Specify the following Notification settings:
    Support for Apple push notifications
    Enables Apple push notifications for the iOS native app, and specifies the wording of the message that is displayed to the iOS device users. The values are:
    • None - Apple push notifications are disabled and messages are not sent from the server to the Apple Push Notification Service.
    • Name - Apple push notifications are enabled. The messages sent from the server to the Apple Push Notification Service include the report name.
    • Generic - Apple push notifications are enabled. The messages sent from the server to the Apple Push Notification Service do not include the report name. Instead, a generic message is displayed.

    Default: Name

    Notification email for Apple push notifications
    Specifies the email address or addresses of administrators that are notified about the Apple push notifications certificate expiry date.

    The value for this setting is an email address in the following format: admin@domain.com. Multiple email addresses must be separated with a semicolon (;). For example, admin1@domain.com;admin2@domain.com

    Expiry threshold for Apple push notifications in days
    Specifies the number of days before the Apple push notifications certificate expiry date when the administrators start receiving emails about the approaching expiry date.

    Value: 1 to 365

    Default: 14

    Feedback interval for Apple push notifications in hours
    Specifies the time interval, in hours, for the Cognos Mobile server to check the Apple push notifications feedback service for failed notifications. The feedback service maintains a list of devices for which there were repeated, failed attempts to deliver notifications. The Cognos Mobile server will stop sending notifications to the devices that it obtained from the feedback service.

    Values: 1 to 720

    Default: 24

    Frequency check for Apple push notification certificate expiry date in hours
    Specifies, in hours, the frequency with which the Cognos Mobile service checks for the Apple push notifications certificate expiry date. The first check is done when the Cognos Mobile service is started.

    Value: 1 to 8760

    Default: 24

  4. Click the Apply mobile configuration button.
  5. Specify the Database.DeviceExpiryIntervalDays advanced setting for the Mobile service. For more information, see Specifying Cognos Mobile advanced settings.