Example - Schedule a Report

You can schedule entries that are stored in IBM® Cognos® Connection, such as reports, queries, and agents, so that they run at a time that is convenient for you.

In this exercise, you will learn how to

  • Save a report as a report view
  • Schedule a report so it runs daily
  • Use the schedule management tool to view the status of the schedule

You are a business analyst for the Sample Outdoors Company. You want to schedule the Return Quantity by Product Line Chart report because some people in your organization need the data updated daily. You schedule the report to run daily, and then check that it is properly scheduled.

Things to notice:

  • When a report runs according to a schedule, the report output is saved, and appears in the Action column in IBM Cognos Connection.
  • At any time, you can click the arrow next to the Help button, and click Go to the Welcome Page to return to the IBM Cognos Welcome page.


  1. Open IBM Cognos Connection:
    1. Start your Web browser.
    2. In the address bar, type the URL supplied by your administrator, and then press Enter. The URL looks something like this: http://servername/cognos
  2. In the IBM Cognos Welcome page, click IBM Cognos content. In the Public Folders tab, click Samples, Models, GO Data Warehouse (analysis), and Query Studio Report Samples.
  3. Locate the Return Quantity by Product Line Chart report. You can also use any one of the IBM Cognos sample reports.
  4. Create a report view for a daily view of the report:
    1. Under Actions, click the Report View icon Report View icon next to the report.
    2. In the Name box, remove the words Report View of from the beginning of the name, type (daily) at the end of the name, and click Finish.
    A new entry appears in IBM Cognos Connection, with the report view icon.
  5. Schedule the report view to run daily:
    1. Click the Schedule icon Schedule icon next to the entry.
    2. Under Frequency, click the By Day tab.
    3. Accept the default time and other defaults.
    4. Click OK.
  6. Check the schedule:
    1. Click My Area Options My Area icon, My Activities and Schedules.
    2. Click Schedules.
    3. In the Filter pane, select Any status and Any priority, and click Apply.


Your report view appears in the list of scheduled reports.
A screen capture of IBM Cognos Connection showing the report in the list of scheduled reports.


Use IBM Cognos Connection to try the following report features:

  • Modify the schedule so that the report runs weekly.
    Tip: Under Actions, click More, and click Modify the schedule.
  • Permanently remove the schedule.
    Tip: Under Actions, click More, and click Remove the schedule.

What to do next

For more information about scheduling reports, see the online help in IBM Cognos Connection.