What is IBM Cognos PowerPlay?

IBM® Cognos® PowerPlay® provides the data analysis and exploration capabilities that are familiar to IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay report authors, analysts, and users in an IBM Cognos Business Intelligence environment. By integrating with IBM Cognos BI, PowerPlay is able to take advantage of the IBM Cognos BI architecture and features while preserving your existing PowerPlay applications and user experience.

IBM Cognos BI offers PowerPlay users additional features to maximize productivity in the new environment. PowerPlay Studio and PowerPlay Client reports and navigation aids, such as toolbar buttons, have the same appearance and function in the IBM Cognos BI environment as in IBM Cognos Series 7.

The IBM Cognos BI service-oriented architecture makes possible the integration of PowerPlay into the IBM Cognos BI environment. This integration provides a lower cost of ownership while enhancing the capabilities of PowerPlay. Among the benefits, this architecture