Bursting Reports

Burst a report to distribute its contents to various recipients. Bursting is the process of running a report once and then dividing the results for recipients who each view a subset of the data. For example, salespeople in different regions each need a report showing the sales target for their country or region. You use burst reports to send each salesperson only the information they need. Burst reports can be distributed by email or saved to a folder for viewing in IBM® Cognos® Connection.
Tip: The Bursted Sales Performance Report sample report in the GO Data Warehouse (analysis) package includes bursting. For more information about The Sample Outdoors Company samples, see Sample Reports and Packages.

To burst a report against a dimensional data source, see Creating Burst Reports Using Dimensional Data Sources.

You cannot burst crosstab or chart reports. However you can burst a report where a container includes a crosstab or chart that is part of a master detail relationship. In this situation, you can burst only HTML, PDF, and XLS output formats; you cannot burst CSV or XML output formats.

For information about avoiding disk space exhaustion when bursting charts or crosstabs, see Master Detail or Burst Reports with Charts or Crosstabs May Result in Denial of Service.


  1. define burst recipients
  2. specify burst groups
  3. set burst options
  4. enable bursting