Educating your programmers on new compiler features

Early in the conversion effort, ensure that your application programmers are familiar with the features of Enterprise COBOL and the relationship and interdependencies between Enterprise COBOL, Language Environment®, and Debug Tool and any other application productivity tools your shop uses.

In addition to source language differences between Standard COBOL 68, Standard COBOL 74, and Standard COBOL 85, your programmers will need to be familiar with Language Environment condition handling and Language Environment callable services.

For information about Enterprise COBOL and Language Environment education available through IBM®, you can call 1-800-IBM-TEACH (1-800-426-8322). You can also get information directly from Language Environment publications or technical conferences such as SHARE,

After your programmers are familiar with Enterprise COBOL features, they can assist you in taking the inventory of programs as described in Taking an inventory of your applications.