Special level-numbers

Special level-numbers identify items that do not structure a record.

The special level-numbers are:

Identifies items that must contain a RENAMES clause; such items regroup previously defined data items. (For details, see RENAMES clause.)
Identifies data item description entries that are independent WORKING-STORAGE, LOCAL-STORAGE, or LINKAGE SECTION items; they are not subdivisions of other items and are not subdivided themselves. Level-77 items must begin in Area A.
Identifies any condition-name entry that is associated with a particular value of a conditional variable. (For details, see VALUE clause.)

Level-77 and level-01 entries in the WORKING-STORAGE, LOCAL-STORAGE, or LINKAGE SECTION that are referenced in a program or method must be given unique data-names because level-77 and level-01 entries cannot be qualified. Subordinate data-names that are referenced in the program or method must be either uniquely defined, or made unique through qualification. Unreferenced data-names need not be uniquely defined.