Accessibility features for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

Accessibility features assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology content successfully. The accessibility features in z/OS® provide accessibility for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS.

Accessibility features

z/OS includes the following major accessibility features:

  • Interfaces that are commonly used by screen readers and screen-magnifier software
  • Keyboard-only navigation
  • Ability to customize display attributes such as color, contrast, and font size

z/OS uses the latest W3C Standard, WAI-ARIA 1.0, to ensure compliance to US Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. To take advantage of accessibility features, use the latest release of your screen reader in combination with the latest web browser that is supported by this product.

The Enterprise COBOL for z/OS online product documentation in IBM® Knowledge Center is enabled for accessibility. The accessibility features of IBM Knowledge Center are described at

Keyboard navigation

Users can access z/OS user interfaces by using TSO/E or ISPF.

Users can also access z/OS services by using Start of changeIBM Developer for z/OSEnd of change.

For information about accessing these interfaces, see the following publications:

These guides describe how to use TSO/E and ISPF, including the use of keyboard shortcuts or function keys (PF keys). Each guide includes the default settings for the PF keys and explains how to modify their functions.

Interface information

The Enterprise COBOL for z/OS online product documentation is available in IBM Knowledge Center, which is viewable from a standard web browser.

PDF files have limited accessibility support. With PDF documentation, you can use optional font enlargement, high-contrast display settings, and can navigate by keyboard alone.

To enable your screen reader to accurately read syntax diagrams, source code examples, and text that contains period or comma PICTURE symbols, you must set the screen reader to speak all punctuation.

Assistive technology products work with the user interfaces that are found in z/OS. For specific guidance information, see the documentation for the assistive technology product that you use to access z/OS interfaces.

Related accessibility information

In addition to standard IBM help desk and support websites, IBM has established a TTY telephone service for use by deaf or hard of hearing customers to access sales and support services:

TTY service
800-IBM-3383 (800-426-3383)
(within North America)

IBM and accessibility

For more information about the commitment that IBM has to accessibility, see IBM Accessibility.