Example: MD5 signature

The following example shows LIST output about the MD5 signature. This information is also included in the DWARF debugging data in the application module. MD5 signature is located at 16 bytes before the Timestamp and Version Information section.

000608  AAEE  60C2  DAA3                                       =X'AAEE60C2DAA3'   md5 signature
00060E  776D  AEB5  E753                                       =X'776DAEB5E753'   md5 signature
000614  E767  C4E1                                             =X'E767C4E1'       md5 signature
Note: The MD5 signature is shown only if the TEST option is specified or if -g is specified with cob2 under z/OS® UNIX.

The presence or absence of the MD5 signature is indicated by a compilation flag bit of the PPA2. If the bit is set to 1, the MD5 signature is present; if the bit is set to 0, the MD5 signature is absent. For details about PPA2, see z/OS Language Environment® Vendor Interfaces.

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