Use OFFSET to produce a condensed PROCEDURE DIVISION listing.

OFFSET option syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramNOOFFSETOFFSET

Default is: NOOFFSET

Abbreviations are: OFF | NOOFF

Start of changeWith OFFSET, the condensed PROCEDURE DIVISION listing will contain line numbers, statement references, and the location of each block of instructions generated for a statement. The optimizer might inline paragraphs, move code around, or indeed place it after the body of the program if little used, such as the error message formatting code. As a result, there might be more than one entry in the OFFSET table of a given statement.End of change

These items will also be written to the output listing:

  • Constant area
  • Program prolog areas (PPA1, PPA2, PPA3, PPA4)
  • Time stamp and compiler version information
  • Compiler options and program information
  • Base locator table
  • External symbols dictionary
  • Initial heap storage maps
  • Stack storage maps
Note: Start of changeDue to the out of line code used for error message formatting, Language Environment® generated offsets, as indicated in "From compile unit {name} at entry point {name} at compile unit offset {offset}...", might be outside the offset range of the program. In these cases, refer to the statement number in the COBOL message (IGZnnnns) to locate the problem.End of change