Listing data items

Use the MAP(HEX|DEC) compiler option to create a listing of the DATA DIVISION items and all implicitly declared items. Use the MAP output to locate the contents of a data item in a system dump.

When you specify the MAP(HEX|DEC) option, an embedded MAP summary that contains condensed MAP information is generated to the right of the COBOL source data definition.
  • If you specify MAP(HEX) or MAP with no suboption, data item offsets within groups will be in hexadecimal notation.
  • If you specify MAP(DEC), data item offsets within groups will be in decimal notation.
When both XREF data and an embedded MAP summary are on the same line, the embedded summary is printed first.

You can select or inhibit parts of the MAP listing and embedded MAP summary by using *CONTROL MAP|NOMAP (or *CBL MAP|NOMAP) statements throughout the source. For example:

    01  A
    02  B

Example: MAP output

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