Use DYNAM to cause nonnested, separately compiled programs invoked through the CALL literal statement to be loaded for CALL, and deleted for CANCEL, dynamically at run time.

Note: The DYNAM option can be overridden for particular CALL statements by using the CALLINTERFACE directive.

CALL identifier statements always result in a runtime load of the target program and are not affected by this option.

DYNAM option syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramNODYNAMDYNAM

Default is: NODYNAM

Abbreviations are: DYN | NODYN

Restriction: The DYNAM compiler option must not be used in the following cases:
  • COBOL programs that are processed by the CICS® translator or the CICS compiler option
  • COBOL programs that have EXEC SQL statements and are run under CICS or Db2® call attach facility (CAF)

If your COBOL program calls programs that have been linked as dynamic link libraries (DLLs), you must not use the DYNAM option. You must instead compile the program with the NODYNAM and DLL options.

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