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CONDCOMP affects the behavior of conditional compilation directives and controls how conditional code will be displayed in the listing.

CONDCOMP option syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram CONDCOMP(NOSKIPSRCSKIPSRC)


Abbreviations are: CC(SKIPS | NOSKIPS)

If CONDCOMP(NOSKIPSRC) is in effect, all source lines and comments bounded by conditional compilation directives will be displayed in the listing. Source lines in false branches of IF and EVALUATE directives will be displayed as comments.
If CONDCOMP(SKIPSRC) is in effect, source lines and comments in the false branches of conditional compilation directives, IF and EVALUATE directives, will not be shown in the listing.Start of changeIn addition, compiled source lines and comments will also be omitted from the MDECK output file and SYSMDECK.End of change

Conditional compilation (Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® Language Reference )

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