The DATE-TO-YYYYMMDD function converts argument-1 from a date with a two-digit year (YYnnnn) to a date with a four-digit year (YYYYnnnn). argument-2, when added to the year at the time of execution, defines the ending year of a 100-year interval, or sliding century window, into which the year of argument-1 falls.

The function type is integer.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramFUNCTION DATE-TO-YYYYMMDD (argument-1 argument-2)
Must be zero or a positive integer less than 991232.

Note: The COBOL run time does not verify that the value is a valid date.

Must be an integer. If argument-2 is omitted, the function is evaluated assuming the value 50 was specified.

The sum of the year at the time of execution and the value of argument-2 must be less than 10,000 and greater than 1,699.

See the following examples with returned values from the DATE-TO-YYYYMMDD function:

Current year argument-1 value argument-2 value Returned value
2002 851003 120 20851003
2002 851003 -20 18851003
2002 851003  10 19851003
1994 981002 -10 18981002