The DATE-OF-INTEGER function converts a date in the Gregorian calendar from integer date form to standard date form (YYYYMMDD).

The function type is integer.

The function result is an eight-digit integer.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramFUNCTION DATE-OF-INTEGER (argument-1 )
A positive integer that represents a number of days succeeding December 31, 1600, in the Gregorian calendar. The valid range is 1 to 3,067,671, which corresponds to dates ranging from January 1, 1601 thru December 31, 9999.

The INTDATE compiler option affects the starting date for the integer date functions. For details, see INTDATE in the Enterprise COBOL Programming Guide.

The returned value represents the International Standards Organization (ISO) standard date equivalent to the integer specified as argument-1.

The returned value is an integer of the form YYYYMMDD where YYYY represents a year in the Gregorian calendar; MM represents the month of that year; and DD represents the day of that month.