Format 1

Format 1 is used for data description entries in all DATA DIVISION sections.

Format 1: data description entry

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramlevel-numberdata-name-1FILLERredefines-clauseblank-when-zero-clause dynamic-length-clause external-clauseglobal-clausegroup-usage-clausejustified-clauseoccurs-clausepicture-clausesign-clausesynchronized-clause usage-clausevalue-clausevolatile-clause

The clauses can be written in any order, with the following exceptions:

  • data-name-1 or FILLER, if specified, must immediately follow the level-number.
  • When the REDEFINES clause is specified, it must immediately follow data-name-1 or FILLER, if either is specified. If data-name-1 or FILLER is not specified, the REDEFINES clause must immediately follow the level-number.

The level-number in format 1 can be any number in the range 0149, or 77.

A space, a comma, or a semicolon must separate clauses.