Using the debugger

You can use z/OS® Debugger to debug your Enterprise COBOL programs. Use the TEST compiler option to prepare your COBOL program so that you can step through the executable program with the debugger.

For remote debugging, Start of changeyou can use the Eclipse-based debug interface and IBM Z® Open Debug in conjunction with the z/OS Debugger host running under z/OS or z/OS UNIX.End of change

You can specify the TEST suboption NOSOURCE to have smaller object programs stored on disk. The loaded size does not change, the debug information is never loaded unless requested, for example, by a debugger such as z/OS Debugger or by LE (for CEEDUMP). With the NOSOURCE suboption, you will not be able to see the source in the z/OS Debugger source window.

Specify the OPTIMIZE(0), NOSTGOPT and TEST compiler options to get the most debugging function.

Specify a non-zero OPTIMIZE level, NOSTGOPT and TEST(EJPD) compiler options to get better performance with a few restrictions on debugging function.

Specify a non-zero OPTIMIZE level, STGOPT and TEST(NOEJPD) compiler options to get the best performance but still be able to use z/OS Debugger, with some restrictions on debugging function.

For details about which compiler options to use for maximum debugging capability versus best performance, see the related reference about the TEST compiler option.

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