Suppressing information in CEEDUMP processing (IGZ1OPT)

If TEST(DWARF) is in effect, CEEDUMP processing might include a large amount of information in the dump, depending on the size of the WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. You can suppress this information at execution time by setting up the JCL of a JOB.

  1. In the Language Environment® sample data set, .SCEESAMP, use the sample JCL IGZ1OPT to create a load module called IGZUOPT. Change the JOB card and load library name, and run this JCL to generate IGZUOPT.
  2. Put this module in a data set in the STEPLIB concatenation, DWARF information will be suppressed during the CEEDUMP processing. This can reduce the volume of output for a COBOL program in the CEEDUMP.
JOB STEP1 of the JCL assembles an assembler program that invokes a MACRO called IGZXOPT. This macro is used to specify special COBOL runtime options. Currently, only the SKIPDWARF option is supported with the following syntax:
The setting of SKIPDWARF can be ON or OFF, and the default value is OFF:
  • If ON is specified, DWARF processing in CEEDUMP is suppressed.
  • If OFF is specified, DWARF processing proceeds normally. Specifying OFF is equivalent to omitting IGZUOPT from the STEPLIB.

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