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Preparing to compile, bind, and run non-OO COBOL applications that interoperate with Java

This section discusses prerequisites for building and running non-OO COBOL programs that interoperate with Java™.

In the discussion, compiling and linking will be done from z/OS® UNIX using the cob2 utility, and building the stub program DLL needed at run time by the application will be done from z/OS UNIX using the cjbuild utility. However, examples of how to send both the program objects and DLL to an MVS™ data set are provided.
Note: Both cob2 and the cjbuild utility exist in the bin directory of your COBOL install directory in the z/OS UNIX file system. The default location is /usr/lpp/cobol/igyvXrY, where X is the compiler version and Y is the compiler release. This directory must be included in your UNIX PATH environment variable.

The cjbuild utility is provided as a UNIX only utility, but it can be launched from JCL using BPXBATCH.

Ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the Java SDK installation directory on your system. For example, if you use Java 8, the directory might be /usr/lpp/java/IBM/J8.0 for AMODE 31 (31-bit) Java, and /usr/lpp/java/IBM/J8.0_64 for AMODE 64 (64-bit) Java.
Note: You can choose any method to compile and link parts, such as JCL and z/OS UNIX command line. The z/OS UNIX method is used because UNIX is a natural environment for Java.

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