REPOSITORY paragraph for defining a client

Use the REPOSITORY paragraph to declare to the compiler that the specified words are class-names when you use them in a COBOL client, and to optionally relate the class-names to the corresponding external class-names (the class-names as they are known outside the compilation unit).

External class-names are case sensitive, and must conform to Java™ rules of formation. For example, in a client program that uses the Account and Check classes you might code this:

Environment division.      Required
Configuration section.     Required
  Source-Computer.  IBM-390.
  Object-Computer.  IBM-390.
Repository.                Required
    Class Account is "Account"
    Class Check   is "Check".

The REPOSITORY paragraph entries indicate that the external class-names of the classes referred to as Account and Check within the client are Account and Check, respectively.

In the REPOSITORY paragraph, you must code an entry for each class-name that you explicitly reference in the client. In a REPOSITORY paragraph entry, you must specify the external class-name if the name contains non-COBOL characters.

You must specify the external class-name for any referenced class that is part of a Java package. For such a class, specify the external class-name as the fully qualified name of the package, followed by period (.), followed by the simple name of the Java class.

An external class-name that you specify in the REPOSITORY paragraph must be an alphanumeric literal that conforms to the rules of formation for a fully qualified Java class-name.

If you do not include the external class-name in a REPOSITORY paragraph entry, the external class-name is formed from the class-name in the same manner as it is when an external class-name is not included in a REPOSITORY paragraph entry in a class definition. In the example above, class Account and class Check are known externally as Account and Check (in mixed case), respectively, because the external names are spelled using mixed case.


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