Fixed insertion editing

Fixed insertion editing is valid only for numeric-edited items.

The following insertion symbols are used:

  • cs
  • + - CR DB (editing-sign control symbols)

In fixed insertion editing, only one currency symbol and one editing-sign control symbol can be specified in a PICTURE character-string.

Unless it is preceded by a + or - symbol, the currency symbol must be the first character in the character-string.

When either + or - is used as a symbol, it must be the first or last character in the character-string.

When CR or DB is used as a symbol, it must occupy the rightmost two character positions in the character-string. If these two character positions contain the symbols CR or DB, the uppercase letters are the insertion characters.

Editing sign control symbols produce results that depend on the value of the data item, as shown below:

Editing symbol in PICTURE character-string Result: data item positive or zero Result: data item negative
+ + -
- space -
CR 2 spaces CR
DB 2 spaces DB

For example:

PICTURE Value of data Edited result