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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about CCCA

This topic describes frequently asked questions and answers about CCCA.

When should I use CCCA?

If you plan to convert your applications from OS/VS COBOL, VS COBOL II, or IBM® COBOL to Enterprise COBOL, evaluate the usefulness of the CCCA to your conversion project. While the number of changes required to any individual program might be small, the CCCA will identify those changes, and in the majority of cases, convert them automatically in a standard fashion.

The CCCA converts both CICS® and non-CICS programs. The CCCA converts SERVICE RELOAD statements and the complicated logic of BLL cell addressing to statements valid for Enterprise COBOL.

CCCA also handles non-CICS syntax.

Do I need CCCA if I do not have applications built from earlier COBOL versions than Enterprise COBOL 3?

CCCA also supports converting applications from older to newer releases of Enterprise COBOL, for example, checking for data names that match new reserved words and systematically changing them as necessary.

Which z/OS levels is CCCA supported on?

CCCA is compatible with all releases of z/OS®. It is like a user program, in that it runs without Authorized Program Facility (APF) authorization and only uses standard operating system interfaces, so it should continue to run on any current and future level of z/OS unless specifically notified otherwise. No specific maintenance is needed to run under z/OS.

Where can I find the CCCA documentation?

To learn more about CCCA and how to customize it, see the IBM COBOL and CICS Command Level Conversion Aid Program Directory.

To learn how to use CCCA, see the IBM COBOL and CICS Command Level Conversion Aid User's Guide.

  • The CCCA manuals have not been updated for a while, and the following information no longer applies:
  • The CCCA manuals might not include the latest updates for CCCA. For example, CCCA is updated for reserved word conversions by PTF for APAR PM86253, PTF for APAR PI32750, and PTF for APAR PI55980, due to new reserved words introduced in Enterprise COBOL 5.1, 5.2, and 6.1, respectively.

How can I get CCCA and at what cost?

CCCA is bundled with IBM Debug for z/OS (IDz) 14.2 or earlier versions, and it has been removed since IDz 15.0. After IDz 14.2 reached EOS on September 30, 2022, you can download CCCA from here at no charge.

How can I get support if I encounter issues with CCCA?

You can submit an issue in the COBOL community to report CCCA problems.

Which CICS TS (CICS) levels is CCCA compatible with?

CCCA support for CICS COBOL programs does not have any specific relationship to the CICS TS version.

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