Using COBOL DLLs with C/C++ programs

COBOL support for DLLs interoperates with the DLL support in the z/OS® C/C++ products, except for COBOL EXTERNAL data. In particular, COBOL applications can call functions that are exported from C/C++ DLLs, and C/C++ applications can call COBOL programs that are exported from COBOL DLLs.

COBOL data items that are declared with the EXTERNAL attribute are independent of DLL support. These data items are accessible by name from any COBOL program in the run unit that declares them, regardless of whether the programs are in DLLs.

The COBOL options DLL, RENT, and EXPORTALL work much the same way as the C/C++ DLL, RENT, and EXPORTALL options. (The DLL option applies only to C.) However, the C/C++ compiler produces DLL-enabled code by default.

You can pass a C/C++ DLL function pointer to COBOL and use it within COBOL, receiving the C/C++ function pointer as a function-pointer data item. The following example shows a COBOL call to a C function that returns a function pointer to a service, followed by a COBOL call to the service.

Identification Division.
Program-id. Demo.
Data Division.
Working-Storage section.
01  fp usage function-pointer.
Procedure Division.
    Call "c-function" returning fp.
    Call fp.

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