COBOL Migration and Performance Tuning webinars


On this page, you can find the recorded videos for the final COBOL 6 Migration Webinar and Performance Tuning Webinar in April 2022, or you can contact the COBOL experts by filling out a questionnaire.

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Date of the webinar: 12 April 2022
Download the slides (PDF, 2.0 MB)

The COBOL Migration Webinar is for clients who are in the process of migrating or are considering migrating to Enterprise COBOL 6 from Enterprise COBOL 4 or older. This webinar will cover the latest IBM recommendations and best practices to help with your migration to Enterprise COBOL 6.

Watch the full-screen video on IBM MediaCenter

Date of the webinar: 19 April 2022
Download the slides (PDF, 1.0 MB)

The COBOL Performance Tuning Webinar will help you understand how to take advantage of advanced optimization technology in the Enterprise COBOL 6 compiler to increase performance of your business-critical applications and reduce CPU usage.

Ask an expert

If you still have questions after watching the webinar videos and would like to contact IBM COBOL experts, click “Ask an expert” and fill out the questionnaire. You may also indicate your preferred date(s) and time(s) for an online meeting with the COBOL experts.

About the presenter

Mike Chase is one of IBM's highly knowledgeable COBOL experts, has been at IBM for over a decade, and has spent most of the years working as a developer on the Enterprise COBOL code generator and optimizer. Mike also handles service issues with the code generator and optimizer, and leads the effort to make the migration to Enterprise COBOL 6 as easy as possible.