Format 4: SET for condition-names

When this form of the SET statement is executed, the value associated with a condition-name is placed in its conditional variable according to the rules of the VALUE clause.

Format 4: SET statement for condition-names

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramSETcondition-name-1TO TRUEFALSE

Must be associated with a conditional variable.

If more than one literal is specified in the VALUE clause of condition-name-1, its associated conditional variable is set equal to the first literal.

If multiple condition-names are specified, the results are the same as if a separate SET statement had been written for each condition-name in the same order in which they are specified in the SET statement.

Start of changeIf SET condition-name-1 TO FALSE is specified, there must be a corresponding WHEN SET TO FALSE phrase defined for condition-name-1.End of change