Defining the library-processing output file (SYSMDECK)

Start of changeThe SYSMDECK DD allocation is required for all compilations. If you specify the MDECK compiler option, the SYSMDECK DD allocation must specify a permanent MVS™ data set or a z/OS® UNIX file. However, if you use the NOMDECK option, SYSMDECK can alternatively be specified as a utility (temporary) data set.End of change

The following example specifies a permanent dataset name:

Start of changeThe following example specifies a z/OS UNIX file:
//SYSMDECK DD PATH='/path/filename.dek',
End of change
Start of changeThe following example specifies a utility (temporary) data set:
End of change

The SYSMDECK file will contain a copy of the updated input source after library processing, that is, the result of COPY, BASIS, REPLACE, EXEC SQL INCLUDE, and EXEC SQLIMS INCLUDE statements.

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