COBOL Report Writer Precompiler

You can use the COBOL Report Writer Precompiler to compile applications that contain Report Writer statements, or to permanently convert Report Writer statements to valid Enterprise COBOL statements.

Start of changeIBM® has licensed COBOL Report Writer Precompiler from SPC Systems and sells it under the following program numbers: 
  • 5798-DYR: COBOL Report Writer Precompiler and Libraries
  • 5798-DZX: COBOL Report Writer Library only
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Note: Start of changeStarting with Enterprise COBOL V5.1, COBOL Report Writer Precompiler V1.6.01 or later is required due to changes to the compiler architecture. Updates to the COBOL Report Writer must be obtained from SPC Systems subject to an SPC Systems support contract. For program services and technical support (including Q&A), contact SPC Systems at of change
The Report Writer Precompiler offers the following features:
  • Extended Report Writer language capabilities
  • Integration with the target COBOL compiler—as though Report Writer statements in the source program are being processed by the COBOL compiler itself
  • Single consolidated source listing merges information from the precompiler listing and the COBOL compiler listings
  • COPY library members can contain Report Writer statements
  • Supports the Enterprise COBOL nested COPY feature
  • Performs a diagnostic check of the input Report Writer source statements
  • Can be run in stand-alone mode to convert Report Writer statements in your COBOL programs into non-Report Writer COBOL source statements acceptable to the Enterprise COBOL compiler

Start of changeFor details, see COBOL Report Writer Precompiler Programmer's Manual and COBOL Report Writer Precompiler Installation and Operation.End of change