Changes with Enterprise COBOL Version 5 and Version 6

There are a few differences from all previous compilers to consider when using Enterprise COBOL V5 or V6. After reading the section about migrating a program or application from the compiler you are currently using, read this section.

Migrating to COBOL V5 or V6 is different from earlier COBOL migrations in that we recommend regression testing to see if your programs use invalid data and get different results with COBOL V5 or V6. Previous COBOL compilers generated the same code and the same data layout, so invalid data would get the same results from version to version.

With current service applied, Enterprise COBOL V5.1 is equivalent to Enterprise COBOL V5.2 for migration purposes.

The performance characteristics of Version 5 of the compiler are similar to those of Version 6. Except where otherwise noted, the changes and migration recommendations in this section are applicable to both Version 5 and Version 6.