High Availability (HA) controller +n compute deployment

This topology is for larger test and production environments that require highly available (HA) cloud controller nodes.

The HA controller + n compute topology supports multiple cloud controller nodes that are configured to be highly available and load balanced. The IBM® Cloud Manager with OpenStack HA controller nodes manage the availability of the IBM OpenStack controller services, excluding the OpenStack compute node services. The OpenStack compute node services are provided by the OpenStack compute nodes, but are not configured to be highly available. This topology supports the following OpenStack supported compute hypervisors:
  • x86 KVM
  • PowerKVM (Note: The controller nodes must run on x86-64)
When you deploy this topology, a minimum of five systems are required. One system is for the deployment server. The next three systems are for the OpenStack HA controller nodes, with a maximum of 10. And finally, one or more systems are required to provide the OpenStack compute nodes for the topology.

Controller HA architecture with three controller nodes +n compute nodes