ABEND Code U-0013 (X'000D') is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program execution cannot continue. An associated reason code (usually contained in general register 15 at the time of ABEND) further describes the condition.

The reason code is an 8-digit hexadecimal value of the form mmmmrrrr where:
  • mmmm (the high order 4-digits) is the Binary Coded Decimal representation of an associated message number. If these digits are 0000 then no message has been issued.
  • rrrr (the low order 4-digits) is a reason code which identifies the failure or error condition.
Unless indicated otherwise, the following items apply to all reason codes:
System Action
The system might create LOGREC records and might also create an SVC dump.
System Programmer Response
Search problem reporting databases for a fix for the problem. If no fix exists, have the following diagnostic and problem determination materials available and contact IBM® Support.
  • Binary machine readable dump data sets (for example, SVC dump and/or SYSMDUMP data sets). Note that print image formatted dumps written to data sets referenced by the SYSUDUMP and SYSABEND DD statements are inadequate when performing problem determination.
  • Formatted LOGREC records related to the failure. Refer to the Environmental Record Editing and Printing Program (EREP) User’s Guide and the Environmental Record Editing and Printing Program (EREP) Reference for information regarding the selection and formatting of LOGREC records.
  • Relevant sections of the MVS™ system log.
  • All related job logs and JCL listings.